Saturday, May 26, 2012



That was so easy! We just went to the store down the street from our house and found every ingredient needed for some BITCHIN' BELGIAN tacos. Antwerp has such great food but I can guarantee these are definitely on the list of best tacos in the 'twerp. This is how it was made:

2 lbs (or whatever they call it here) of mysterious white ground meat (Fletcher thinks it was turkey... I believe him)
Flour Tortillas (lots)
One bag of misc. peppers, onions and carrots (strange combo, yet delicious)
One pack of pre-made taco seasoning
a head of ice berg lettuce (shreddy letty Van Halen)
2 Tomatoes on the vine 
package of coriander (In europe they don't call it cilantro)
Garlic Salsa (medium)
pre shred bag of cheese medley for Au Gratin 

Mix the peppers, taco seasoning and mystery meat in a frying pan and cook until done. Take your flour shells and heat them up on your stove top because your tiny flat does not have an oven. Cut your tomatoes, cilantro, and lettuce. Open the bag o cheese, have Mack make you a cocktail and VOILA! Taco Party!

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