Wednesday, June 13, 2012


One day in Antwerp I was supposed to be on the radio with my friends Jurgen and Tony. Jurgen is a Belgian DJ with a face that is apparently more attractive than Brad Pitt's according to some iphone app. Tony is a part time ex-pat who lives in Antwerp. He apparently lived in California for sometime, but I would have never taken him for a west coaster since he had NO idea who the Wipers were. Anyway, Jurgen Djed a show I played and we all became friends. Seriously cool dudes. They invited me to be on their radio show, I agreed enthusiastically. When the day came around we went to the studio and found ourselves to be locked out. Truly unfortunate. After some beers and a couple of splifs I asked them if I could make them some tacos. They were totally stoked, as was I. 

For this particular batch of tacos I decided to go classic mom taco style; flour tortilla pre shred cheese, iceburg lettuce, tomatoes. When we were at the grocery store Jurgen went to pick out the ground meat. Imagine my surprise when the meat turned out to be breakfast pork sausage! It was still pretty delicious though. 

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